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  • 다양한 해외의 인디 게임을 현지화하여 국내에 유통합니다. NICALiS, kakehashi games, Devolver Digital 등 다양한 인디 파트너사와 함께하고 있습니다.
  • 국내 게임을 해외에 유통할 수 있도록 알맞은 해외 퍼블리셔를 소개시켜드립니다. (북미, 일본, 중국 등)
  • 게임 더빙(다국어) 전문 성우 스튜디오를 소개시켜드립니다.
  • LocalizationSince 2014, BADA GAMES has been supported localization service to various games from AAA titles to independent games. With professional testers and LQAs, we can fully take charge and handle the task from localization to testing. All teammates are hardcore PC-Console Gamers so that they can deeply understand the game and provide the localization at its highest possible quality.
  • Publishing Support: We can do the most necessary processes (GRAC certification, etc) to make your game available in Korea regardless of the platform.
  • Age RatingBADA GAMES is almost the only game rating agency which does the tasks needed to rate the game in standard of the Korean local market. Our focus is solely on helping international games to be rated in local standard, not on publishing, so to help the developers can publish their games on platforms like Epic Games Store, Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch. We can handle every age levels, All to Adult Only. The cost is variable depending on each games, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to get detailed estimation.
  • Voice recording: We are working with the best, professional voice actors for you, VOICE OVER KOREA.
  • Graphics works: If you need to edit some images, fonts, or whatever to localize your game, We have an artist ready for you.
  • MarketingBADA GAMES is also a Korean marketing agency, mainly on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. We are in partnership with various Twitch partner streamers from major influencers with more than 300,000 followers to prospect streamers. And we can also help you to promote in major media. Marketing should preferably be done with localization. Feel free to contact us.

Are you interested in the Japan market? we have a great partner, kakehashi games!

Pricing: There are numerous factors when calculating the cost to release a game in Korea and the total amount is specific to each project. But we know you are the indie developers and our goal is to help you. Please don't hesitate to contact us:


  • 2019.8.7 Metal Wolf Chaos XD (English-to-Korean by BADA GAMES)
  • 2019.6.20 My Friend Pedro (English-to-Korean by Minseong Kim and Bada Im)
  • 2019.5.30 Gato Roboto (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.5.23 Total War: THREE KINGDOMS (English-to-Korean by BADA GAMES)
  • 2019.5.10 Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Return of the Obra Dinn (English-to-Korean editing by Bada Im)
  • 2019 Riverbond (English-to-Korean by HyungSeok Cho and Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Forager (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Katana ZERO (English-to-Korean by Jaewook Lee and Bada Im)
  • 2019.3 Ape Out (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.2 RemiLore (Korean-to-English / Japanese-to-English 지원 by BADA Games)
  • 2019 Thumper (Korean-to-English editing by Bada Im)
  • 2019.1 The Island: Into The Mist (Korean-to-English by BADA Games)
  • 2019.1 Pikuniku (English-to-Korean by Minseong Kim and Bada Im)
  • 2019.1 Coffee Talk Demo on Steam (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.12 GRIS (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.11 Just Shapes & Beats (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Piffle (English-to-Korean proofreading and translation by Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Reigns: Game of Thrones (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2018.10 Ultra Space Battle Brawl (English-to-Korean By Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Minit (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.9 My Lovely Daughter Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.9 She and the Light Bearer Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by BADA Games Minseong Kim)
  • 2018.9 Monster Garden Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.8 The Messenger (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho and Bada Im)
  • 2018.8 Dicey Dungeon (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.7.20 Enter the Gungeon: AG&D (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.7.18 Darkest Dungeon (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.5 Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.4 The Swords of Ditto (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2018.4 OPUS: 영혼의 다리 (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.3 PekoPeko Sushi (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.2 Crossing Souls (Steam, PS4) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.1 Candleman (PS4) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018 Dimension Drive (Switch) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.12 Reigns: Her Majesty (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2017.11 Octodad (Nintendo Switch) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2017.11.2 Owlboy (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.10 Enter the Gungeon PAYDAY2 Update (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.10 High Hell (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.9 RUINER (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im and HoHyung Lee)
  • 2017.8 Planet of the Eyes (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.7 Sundered (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.7 Clawbert (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.6 Poly Bridge (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.5.17 Endless Space 2 (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2017.5.4 SPACEPLAN (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.3 Salt and Sanctuary (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.2 Block Legend (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.2 OPUS: 우리가 지구를 발견한 날 (Steam, Android, iOS) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.1 Reigns (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2016.12 The binding of Issac: Rebirth (new 3DS) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2016.11 Cave Story (3DS) (Japanese-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2016 Mini Metro (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im and others)
  • 2016 Layers of Fear (Steam - Only Original) (English-to-Korea by BADA Games)
  • 2015 The binding of Issac: Afterbirth (Steam, PS4, XBOX1) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2015 Dungeon of the Endless (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2015 Endless Legend (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2014 Octodad (Steam, PS4) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2014 Defender's Quest (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Team.SM in BADA Games)
  • 2014 Anodyne (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
We also have a small volunteer translation team to help indie developers called "Team.SM". there are lots of works like: Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Dragon's Dogma, Danganronpa 2, KeroBlaster, and more... You can find out the list at here.


 - 다키스트던전의 '괴물같은 번역' 종결자! 게임 번역가 임바다 인터뷰:
 - “세계 최고 갓겜이라도 한국어가 아니라면 무슨 소용인가요?”:
 - '카케하시게임즈', 그들이 생각하는 韓 시장과 인디 게임은?:
 - BIC에 뜬 화제작 ‘아이작’, 멀티플랫폼으로 ‘명작’ 정조준:






BADA IM / 임바다


(+82) 10-9885-7765

Localization Manager at BADA GAMES

Founder and Manager at Team.SM

Korean Translator at kakehashi games

Korean Translator at Nicalis

Korean Translator at Devolver Digital

Language Level

Korean: 100% (Native)

English: 70%

Japanese: 65%

C#: 40% (Programming)



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