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Zach Huntley, Manager at kakehashi games and Bada Im, Manager at BADA Games @ G-Star, Busan, Korea - Nov 2016

  • 다양한 해외의 인디 게임을 현지화하여 국내에 유통합니다. NICALiS, kakehashi games, Devolver Digital 등 다양한 인디 파트너사와 함께하고 있습니다.
  • 국내 게임을 해외에 유통할 수 있도록 알맞은 해외 퍼블리셔를 소개시켜드립니다. (북미, 일본, 중국 등)
  • 게임 더빙(다국어) 전문 성우 스튜디오를 소개시켜드립니다.
  • Translating games English-to-Korean & Japanese-to-Korean.
  • QA and testing games for better translation quality.
  • Voice recording with the professional voice actors, VOICE OVER KOREA.
  • Graphics works for the textures, fonts, etc,
  • Technical support for developers.
  • Helping to publish your game into the Korean market. (Read more)
  • Promoting and Marketing your game in Korea. (Read more)



  • 2019.5.10 Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Return of the Obra Dinn (English-to-Korean editing by Bada Im)
  • 2019 Riverbond (English-to-Korean by HyungSeok Cho and Bada Im)
  • 2019 Gato Roboto (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Forager (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.4 Katana ZERO (English-to-Korean by Jaewook Lee and Bada Im)
  • 2019.3 Ape Out (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2019.2 RemiLore (Korean-to-English / Japanese-to-English 지원 by BADA Games)
  • 2019 Thumper (Korean-to-English editing by Bada Im)
  • 2019.1 The Island: Into The Mist (Korean-to-English by BADA Games)
  • 2019.1 Pikuniku (English-to-Korean by Minseong Kim and Bada Im)
  • 2019.1 Coffee Talk Demo on Steam (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.12 GRIS (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.11 Just Shapes & Beats (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Piffle (English-to-Korean proofreading and translation by Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Reigns: Game of Thrones (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2018.10 Ultra Space Battle Brawl (English-to-Korean By Bada Im)
  • 2018.10 Minit (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.9 My Lovely Daughter Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.9 She and the Light Bearer Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by BADA Games Minseong Kim)
  • 2018.9 Monster Garden Demo for BIC Fest 2018 (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.8 The Messenger (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho and Bada Im)
  • 2018.8 Dicey Dungeon (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.7.20 Enter the Gungeon: AG&D (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.7.18 Darkest Dungeon (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.5 Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.4 The Swords of Ditto (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2018.4 OPUS: 영혼의 다리 (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.3 PekoPeko Sushi (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018.2 Crossing Souls (Steam, PS4) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2018.1 Candleman (PS4) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2018 Dimension Drive (Switch) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.12 Reigns: Her Majesty (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games HyungSeok Cho)
  • 2017.11 Octodad (Nintendo Switch) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2017.11.2 Owlboy (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.10 Enter the Gungeon PAYDAY2 Update (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.10 High Hell (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.9 RUINER (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im and HoHyung Lee)
  • 2017.8 Planet of the Eyes (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.7 Sundered (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.7 Clawbert (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.6 Poly Bridge (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.5.17 Endless Space 2 (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2017.5.4 SPACEPLAN (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.3 Salt and Sanctuary (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.2 Block Legend (iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.2 OPUS: 우리가 지구를 발견한 날 (Steam, Android, iOS) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2017.1 Reigns (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2016.12 The binding of Issac: Rebirth (new 3DS) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2016.11 Cave Story (3DS) (Japanese-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2016 Mini Metro (Steam, iOS, Android) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im and others)
  • 2016 Layers of Fear (Steam - Only Original) (English-to-Korea by BADA Games)
  • 2015 The binding of Issac: Afterbirth (Steam, PS4, XBOX1) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2015 Dungeon of the Endless (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2015 Endless Legend (Steam) (English-to-Korean by BADA Games)
  • 2014 Octodad (Steam, PS4) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
  • 2014 Defender's Quest (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Team.SM in BADA Games)
  • 2014 Anodyne (Steam) (English-to-Korean by Bada Im)
We also have a small volunteer translation team to help indie developers called "Team.SM". there are lots of works like: Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Dragon's Dogma, Danganronpa 2, KeroBlaster, and more... You can find out the list at here.

 - 다키스트던전의 '괴물같은 번역' 종결자! 게임 번역가 임바다 인터뷰:
 - “세계 최고 갓겜이라도 한국어가 아니라면 무슨 소용인가요?”:
 - '카케하시게임즈', 그들이 생각하는 韓 시장과 인디 게임은?:
 - BIC에 뜬 화제작 ‘아이작’, 멀티플랫폼으로 ‘명작’ 정조준:






BADA IM / 임바다


(+82) 10-9885-7765

Localization Manager at BADA GAMES

Founder and Manager at Team.SM

Korean Translator at kakehashi games

Korean Translator at Nicalis

Korean Translator at Devolver Digital

Language Level

Korean: 100% (Native)

English: 70%

Japanese: 65%

C#: 40% (Programming)



(+82) 10-9885-7765

Discord BADA#0001 | Skype IMBADA@OUTLOOK.COM | LINE @TakeYourHeart | KakaoTalk @imbada | Telegram @imbada


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